Terms and Conditions

Use Your Imagination Designs products must be used in accordance within the recommendations found on this page. Any defects observed after failing to use within these recommendations will void any responsibility of Use Your Imagination Designs.


Use Your Imagination Designs can accept supplied artworks. The customer can use supplied artwork creator tools on the website or follow recommendations to create artwork using their own softwares. Use Your Imagination Designs recommends working in an sRGB colour space. Consider the size and viewing distance of your intended artwork and adjust your canvas resolution before finalising artwork. Low resolution supplied artworks are an unfortunate event for all parties involved and this is a critical step of the printing procedure. If generating your own artwork at small sizes, 300ppi designs are recommended where possible. Scalable relative size vector artwork is preferred for large printing requirements. If you have a combination of raster and vector artwork and need it enlarged, Use Your Imagination designs recommends a professional be involved to reduce risk of unsatisfactory results. Use Your Imagination designs can help with this process and has design packages available.

Common file types accepted are .pdf, .jpg, .eps, .tiff, ai

Use Your Imagination Designs does not recommend a png file type.

For business cards, flyers, stickers, banners and general print artwork, Use Your Imagination Designs recommends a minimum 2mm bleed. Larger print artworks will benefit with an increased bleed but no more than 5mm is ever needed.

If your brand has an established colour please send through the vector artwork and colour code required and it will be translated during the printing process. Use Your Imagination Designs does not do this by default.

Textile printing is offered at 3 different resolutions. SD (540×720), HD (720×720) and HD+ (1080×720). Increased resolution provides increased image crispness, greater colour densities, improved vibrancy and overall image quality. Consider this during your checkout process. Default Cotton printing is offered at SD resolutions whilst Polyesters are printed in HD.

Textile Printing Polyesters – Polyesters are printed using ink dye and offer a high vibrancy at a cost. High UV exposure for extended periods will see eventual fading to the artwork. Consider your placement, direction, exposure and duration when you want to use Polyester. Indoors, you will never have a problem, but outdoors these polyesters are to be considered for short term applications only. These polyesters can be washed and are resistant to water induced washout.

Textile Printing Cottons – Cottons are digitally printed using modern techniques to provide a natural wash resistance. This wash resistance is limited and over extended periods some fade should be expected. Use Your Imagination Designs is providing the base printed for the purchased length and is cut at the end of the run. Any fray edges are to be dealt with by the user. Chemicals used are approved for use and if you require a SDS sheet from the ink manufacturer please message and you will be sent a pdf copy.

Banners – Banners are printed using aqueous inks and a manufacturer additive to provide added scratch and uv protection. Our standard banner has a default life expectation of 3 years. Please keep in mind weather conditions, uv exposure, wind exposure, atmospheric waste, foot traffic and chemical spills can damage the final print. Consider these factors when determining your placement and life expectations.

Canvas – Canvas prints benefit from an aqueous ink process. Using these ink types the print will have an improved scratch resistance and will not crack during the stretching process. Lamination is not required. Prints are not likely to fade indoors especially with limited uv exposure. When you purchase a Canvas print through Use Your Imagination Designs, it is going to last 5 years plus.

Vinyl Stickers – Vinyl Stickers purchased through the vinyl stickers product are supplied using a short term monomeric vinyl. The vinyl uses a combination of cured aqueous inks and a chemical additive to provide increased scratch and uv resistance without the need for lamination. We recommend a 2mm bleed on artwork to ensure no white borders at the edge of your products.

Flyers – Use Your Imagination Designs will cut bulk orders or flyers with accuracy, but recommends using a bleed to cover for minor movements in the paper. There may be fractions of movement from side to side and the artwork should be created to accommodate such movements.

Business Cards – Use Your Imagination Designs has defined by default a 310gsm artboard cardstock will be supplied. Artwork should be supplied that can sufficiently account for small movements of the cardstock during the cutting process.

Apparel – Use Your Imagination Designs uses a combination of quality HTV and sublimation methods to personalise your Apparel. Polyester printing is recommended for use on white polyesters or light colours. When colours other than white, please be aware that the colour will shift the intended finish ie light blue shirt will have a light blue tinge offset of the supplied artwork.

Top shelf HTV is applied and bonded to apparel by default. The process is intended for extended wash resistance but keep in mind the washing methods and choose carefully how you wash your new apparel. Small HTV in particular has less bonding ability than large surfaces and will stand no chance in a tumble dryer. Use Your Imagination Designs recommends hand washing with no fabric softener. Chemical additives will loosen the bond of the HTV and can peal off as a result.

Washable Kitchen Merchandise – Use Your Imagination Designs uses products that have been approved for use in a dishwasher, but extended periods will eventually alter the image with slight fading. Use Your Imagination Designs does not discourage the use of a dishwasher but forewarns eventual issues will arise with extended use. Normal washing procedures are the safest practice.

Shipping and Turnaround Times

Use your Imagination Designs expect to have your order out within 7-10 working days of your order, this is subject to stock availability and any delays with shipping of receiving products. We are not accountable for our suppliers and any unforeseen issues that may arise; however will be as transparent as possible with our customers if there is a delay. This does not apply to wholesale agreements, if they are on set arrangements.

Use Your Imagination Designs is not a shipping carrier, and once in the hands of the courier, it is out of our hands. We provide 100% transparency when shipping and will provide tracking references when available. Some local couriers do not use up to date references and in this case the best guess scenario will be supplied. All items are packaged carefully and are intended to be problem free during normal shipping conditions. To avoid any issues, it is advised to check your package before signing and claiming ownership. In the event of negligent packaging Use Your Imagination Designs will resupply and resend the product at 0 cost to the customer.

Customer Negligence or use outside of recommendations are not warranted by Use Your Imagination Designs.