Privacy Policy

Use Your Imagination Designs offers a request of proof. If this is not checked then all artwork supplied is assumed to be correct and will be sent as per supplied artwork. Any alterations or issues that arise due to no proof requests are not the responsibility of Use Your Imagination Designs and the product will need to be purchased again with up to date artwork.

If a proof revision has been requested, it is the customers responsibility to check for any imperfections in the artwork. The file is considered print ready once the customer has accepted the proof of concept. Any imperfections noticed either after the proof has been accepted will have to be notified immediately and checked whether printing has commenced. Use Your Imagination Designs will attempt to rectify where possible before any final prints are made but in the event the imperfection is not spotted, the customer will need to repurchase in order to have a resupply. Imperfections noticed upon accepting the physical copy will still be deemed an artwork failure.

Use Your Imagination Designs does not print to expectations. Use Your Imagination Designs will print what is in front and follows written instruction. Any expectations of a finished product are the customers responsibility to communicate effectively and check carefully the artwork proof. It is the customers responsibility to have a reasonable knowledge for what to expect and any information they are unsure of should be checked for with Use Your Imagination Designs prior to purchase or during printing process. Reasonable knowledge is including but not limited to product application, handling, maintenance, installation conditions, size, life expectancy, quantity, resolution, colourspace, UV exposure, image orientation, packaging, artwork imperfections.

Any vendors purchasing through Use Your Imagination Designs and onselling accepts 100% ownership at the point of collection from the shipping customer. Once accepted, Use Your Imagination Designs accepts no responsibility for any issues arising thereafter. These issues can include but are not limited to packaging breakages, artwork issues, maintenance issues, handling, customer expectations, size, orientation, quality, product imperfections, installation conditions or life expectancy.

Artwork created either by Use Your Imagination Designs or using the online tools found on are considered the limited property of Use Your Imagination Designs. Use Your Imagination Designs agrees not to reproduce customer supplied artwork to any unrelated 3rd party or use without authorisation from the creator. In reply, Use Your Imagination Designs will not release artwork without a release charge. General artwork charges grant the customer restricted ownership of the artwork. It will not be reproduced for any unrelated customer however the artwork is for use by the printing team at Use Your Imagination Designs only. If artwork is required in full, a release charge will be applied before supplying artwork.

Use Your Imagination Designs agrees to fulfill all orders within a maximum period of 3 weeks where possible. Unforeseen delays or print complications will be discussed with the customer and if in the event a reasonable period is not achievable, Use Your Imagination Designs will either refund in full the amount paid and terminate artwork or agree to a partial refund and release 100% ownership of artwork. Common reasons for unforeseen delays can include but are not limited to machine breakage, stock exhaustion and shortage, consumable exhaustion, time sensitive commitments, prolonged power outage, holiday periods, stock arrival from supplier.